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Covering the Basics of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is the medical treatment that is typically being prescribed among healthcare professionals for people who are showcasing signs and symptoms of menopause. Aside from that, hormone replacement therapy is also being used among men to lessen the many signs and symptoms of aging among them. Though hormone treatments can be proven to be of benefit to a great majority of people, they must first be well aware of the risks that they will be taking if they undergo such thing. Basically, this goes to say that you can indeed take advantage of various hormone treatments for as long as you have discussed what your options are and what is the best one for you and your condition with your prescribing doctor. Before you make a conscious decision to go with hormone treatments such as the most common being hormone replacement therapy, there are some things that you can learn more about it in one way or another with the aid of this article.

Now, what can you expect from hormone replacement therapy?

What you need to know first and foremost about hormone replacement therapy is that they are medications that are being prescribed by any family doctor to women. As mentioned above, the medication used in hormone replacement therapy is capable of reversing the effects of menopause on the women. Usually, the medication that is being used in hormone replacement therapy comes with man-made hormones named progestin and estrogen that mimic the function of the natural progesterone of the body. Gone are the days of menopausal women suffering a great range of vaginal symptoms and hot flashes now that each woman has the right to go through proper hormone replacement therapy. Now, if you are a man and you are suffering from the ill effects of having low levels of testosterone in your body, then you can also benefit from getting this kind of hormone replacement therapy.

Looking at the history of hormone replacement therapy

It was during the 1930s wherein hormone replacement therapy has been around to help women suffering from menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes to be given more estrogen in their body to counter the effects of menopause. Come the 1960s, and healthcare professionals found more ways and benefits of prescribing hormone replacement therapy to their patients. It seems that after ten years has passed, doctors do not just use hormone replacement therapy to treat the hot flashes of their patients but even their depression. The FDA first approved of using hormone replacement therapy to treat menopause. The FDA in the 1980s then decided to give some approval with the use of hormone replacement therapy to treat the loss of bone density. Today, since there have been alarming health problems being reported with the use of hormone replacement therapy, not a lot of people are using it already. This is why before you get any hormone replacement therapy, you must see your doctor first.

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